These are some links that Might help you out if your new to electrics or just needing some electric stuff

A great site and also where I got my plane at

  • Fancy

    This is a group of people who fly and they post there problems or questions and you can read all about you have to sign up.

  • Yahoo Rc Group

    Some Rc forums


    This is a great new site for ONLY Electric.


    The paulding county club site

  • PCMA

    One of the local Hobby shops around my area.

  • HobbyTown USA

    These are very good place to buy stuff from online If you want electric stuff.

  • All E Rc
  • Castle Creations
  • MPI
  • New Creations Rc

    My father made one of the Espads that was found in a rcreport magizine,This is there website.

  • Spad to the bone