This is the history on me and how I came about flying RC Planes

Hi,My name is Chris Langley and I'm from Paulding County Georgia I have always liked Remote control cars and trucks I have had them since about 1984. I was about five years old or so
I played with my car around the house and my father raced cars for bolink.I don't even know if there any such thing around anymore I used to go to the races and watch and I would play with my little RC car there and some dirt tracks at places we would go to.

Years went by with out doing any kind of RC stuff and one day My father had went off without telling us where he was going well he came back and got me I said where are we going he said I want to show you something,and thats when I was shown what remote control airplanes were.This was in 1989 I was 9.There used to be a little place down the road where just a bunch of guys flew dad asked me if it looked like fun to try I said yes.I always liked planes watching real one fly over and stuff..

So within that week dad started getting his RC plane stuff out that I didn't even know he had.Well we started flying and he taught me how to fly first plane was a little J-3 Cub that looked like crap he had taught so many people to fly with it who knows haw many flights were on it.

Well I guess I caught on kinda fast or at least I always thought so.We went to fly everyday of the week if it wasn't raining.We then found out about the Paulding County model club over at the Paulding county dump we then joined this club.It was called North Georgia Flying Circus.then shortly after that we joined Douglas county club We flew at both quit a bit Douglas was a lot closer so went there during the week and Paulding on the weekends.

We have quit flying a couple times over the years after I learned to fly. I Also never was officially a Flight Instructor at the club But I helped a few folks out,My dad as well had a quit a few of students over the years.Probably in about 1998 we quit flying for about two years then went back flying for six months or so then took a break again.

Over the years of flying I flew gas planes and electric gliders. Dad flew the same as well as he taught himself to fly gas helicopters he was able to fly in forward flight once he was able to do this w/o any problems he quit flying(too much money for them).

Today as I am writing this is is October 12 2004 and We just got back flying in June 2004 I'm now almost 25 in November. We started back flying our gas planes but we seen the new electrics fly and me and my father were both amazed at how electrics can fly now You have all these cool 3D planes, We both said we got to have one so next thing you know we got a edge 540 from it is Mike Hammel's Website and hes a great Guy. He has really put together a great kit best deal you can find for the money and for what you get. Soon after I flew my fathers I said I got to have one and next thing you know I did. Theses are great.

People had electric planes back when we flew allt he time but you would only get about two to three minutes of full flying from them and very little power. These planes now days will go straight up and hover and do everything for about twelve to twenty minutes. I cant believe how much better there are now and everyday there getting better motors and lighter and better battery's.

It is now February 2nd 2007, and my father and I along with my G/f of 3 years have got back into Radio control trucks In may 2006 and then I myself have also started in October 2006 teaching myself how to fly Helicopters. Its something I always wanted to do. I still fly my planes from time to time and run my trucks. Please check out all the pages of my website.

Today is Dec 30 2007, I can not belive in two days it will be 2008. As of right now I got rid of my helis, and just flying airplanes, cars got boring again. My gf of 4 years (in Feb) is now a AMA member and I have started teaching her to fly airplane, I hope soon she will solo.

Well as I am typing this it is December 24th 2009, Merry Christmas everyone, I no longer into RC trucks or cars, and no longer with girl was with, I am with a new one she is into the hobby also and really great flyer she landed her glider within 5 flights with it, and hardly ever gets to fly once every two months maybe. I am just flying my airplanes and been back into helicoptors since about March of 09 I really enjoying them this time around I can do stunts, its a blast. I recently got my old home made delta out and trying to find a super fast motor for it if weather clears I got to test fly it check out the electric page for more info on that.

Thanks everyone for checking out my site I hope you enjoy it and come back

updated Dec 24, 2009