This page is about my helicopter(s).

I finally got me a helicopter on Oct of 2006, a E flight Blade CP Pro.

I have flown airplanes, and ran Radio Control cars, trucks and boats but never flown a helicopter so it was finally time to get one and give it a shot.

Within the 3rd Battery(charge) I was able to get her up and hover around for about 20-50 seconds.Check out these videos, there all on, so Dail up user beware!

  • First Flight outside
  • 7th Flight
  • 9th flight, In the wind
  • 10th charge, first foward flight

    Here are a couple of pictures.

    Jan. of 2007 I decided I needed to fly indoors when the wind was to bad or it was raining or I was just bored, so I went to Wal-Mart and picked up one of these, its a Air Hog Havoc, only 2 channels ( up and down and left and right)But it sure is fun.

    For $30.00 it should be ilegal to have this much fun ha ha!

    Check out the Video.

  • Havoc Flight on my porch

    Back into heli's this time around is so much fun

    I got back into helicoptors in March of 2009, and I have really enjoyed it I got me another Blade Cp to start with and made sure I could still do it.

    I was able to pick it back up quick. So I traded around got me a Mini titan 325E and flew it a little white.
    I did some more swaping, selling buying got a Blade 400 and feel in love with it.

    It flys so good. Today is May 25 2010 and I have 225 flights on my Blade 400 about 75 were hovers and hover taxis but the rest are real FF flights.

    I do back flips, sideflips, stal turns, real loops, move FF rolls, tic tocs, trying to get brave to try some inverted hover now, and have been doing back flips one after the other. This is a Great time to be into electric helis I feel the batterys are getting cheaper and lot better and it just so much fun.

    Click a picture it get bigger.

    My Blade CPP with Super skids

    My Mini Titan 325E and B400 beside it only picture could find

    My Blade 400

    My Blade 400 and my 2nd Blade 400 That only flew few times then sold

    Got back into helicopters big about yr and half ago and have mostly been flying a MCPX but also had one of the new Blade 450 3D's it was lot of fun but had to sell when lost my job, I however just ended up with another one recently around end of May 2012 and I converted it to FBL here is my story all about that....

    Okay I want to start a thread where i can put out all my info, everything I learned during this conversion, I think having all the info in one spot is much more useful then having a lil bit everywhere. I want to thank Lawndart, Infocus, FireDoug and the others who helped answer my questions before I ever got my stuff to make the switch.

    Okay I got my Head and my ZYX unit from CNCHELI I ordered on Friday and got it on Monday, Pretty quick shipping if you ask me.

    450 Tarot 450FL Flybarless Rotor Head TL45110-03 black $33.99
    This head comes already mostly assembled but I am telling you you will want to take it apart and oil the bearings, and loc tite everything with Blue loc tit it took me about 15 minutes do do this.
    You will also need to get (4) Trex 450 Ball links and replace the balls on your swash plate so the links in the head will fit. AGNH45048 : 450 PRO LINKAGE BALL SET For T-REX 450 PRO There enough in the bag to do 3 swash plates and kinda pricey but this is where I found them, Sure you can find them cheaper maybe else were.
    just remove the 4 balls from your swash and put blue loc tite on these and install.
    Tarot ZYX08 ZYX-S 3 Axis Gyro System $69.99
    This is a pretty simple install, Remove your old gyro, replace it with this unit, but before you install it make sure it looks good, read where one guy got one the button was missing and it would not work. Mine looked good from taking it out of the box.
    its got from right side to left 3 wire plugs in Ail plugs into your AIl on the rx Rud plugs into the rudder on the rx Channel 1 your left rear servo plugs into here Channel 2 your right rear servo plugs into here Channel 3 your from servo (elevator) plugs into here Channel 4 your rudder plugs into here Picture added hope it helps
    I suggest buying the USB adapter it made it super easy for me to set it up.
    TAROT 3 Axis Gyro System ZYX 3-axis Gyro USB Transmission Wire ZYX07 $6.99
    You will need to go here. and download the software, it is Free.
    You will also need to download the Driver for the USB to work on your PC it is called zyxusbdriver.exe Can be found on this page here
    After you download it and install on your PC you will want to Plug in the USB adapter then open the program it says it will assign it a Com port so guessing you must plug it into the same USB port every time, not a biggie I am sure for most just remember in case you plug in and can't get it to work.
    You will first want to get your Head completely set up, make sure your sliders on your head are straight with each other you will have to adjust the links from the servos to the swash plate to get these to line up with each other.
    Then you want to make sure your main grips are at zero pitch at center stick ( servo and arms are 90 degree to each other.
    A very handy trick someone on here gave was to stick screw drivers in the holes where the Blade bolts go, you can then line up the heads of the screwdrivers but also you can line the bottom of them up with the main shaft this was a SUPER easy set up doing it this way.
    Here is a short video showing the drivers in the head trick and the servos are at 90 kinda loud background noise sorry, turn down your speakers
    Once you have all of the Head set up then you can move on to the set up of everything else.

    Radio set up.
    Does not matter what radio your using, DX6I, DX7, DX7S, DX8 whatever it is go ahead and put all subtrims to Zero, put all Travel to 100, Put all your trims on the Tx to center. you want to make sure all this is done before you fire up the unit.
    You will want to go into the swash menu and set it to 90 Degree 1 Servo... I know weird but this is how the FBL unit works.
    You want to set your Expo to 30% to start with , its what it recommends.
    Radio set up video.
    You then if using the USB adapter Plug in the usb to the PC, then start the FBL program, the lights will flash on the screen , turn on the TX then power up the heli,
    ( Unplug two of your three motor leads to be safe Please we do not want any accidents.)
    Hit the connect button on the screen and all three dots will go green.
    You then will select the Big blue box you want
    Beginner/ F3C / 3d Soft/ hardcore / Extreme
    I went with 3d Soft myself and Sure this is what most will want to use.
    then go to the Set up and just follow what the page says, I will be posting a video of this and showing just how to go about doing it. I like video's better. SERVO SET UP: They say the Balls on your servo arms should be 12.5 from center of the servo screw for a 450 sized helicopter but most people say they use 10mm , Mine happen to be at 10.40 and seem to work just fine. Btw you will need a 3 to 6 inch servo extension for the elevator lead to reach Just a FYI or BTW I ended up having to add a external BEC to my heli, I guess the Tarot unit was pulling to much from the bec in the esc to handle it or something I went with this one here I have used them for many many years w/o issues, You can find same size BEC's at hobbyking and places much cheaper I just like to go with named brand Equipment in my expensive aircraft's I am also using HS 65 MG's in my heli and using the stock tail servo for now. showing the lights on the unit when batt plugged in what they should do H/4>