Here are some of Mine and My father electric planes There more of his then mine he has a whole fleet of planes.

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This was My very first edge 540,I finally retired it in July 2005 it had close to 300 flights on it.

A couple of pictures me hovering it.

This is my new Edge 540 I have 28 flights on it so far as of Aug.29th 2005.

This is a homemade plane I made myself my own degin a flying stop sign.

This is another homemade one the stop sign flew so good and I wanted one that I could see better I named it a N.A.S.S (not a stop sign)

After My father got his I.F.O.s I wanted one so I made one out of the blue foam I named it a OFO(outdoor flying object)I dont have this one anymore

My fathers first edge 540.

These are my father I.F.O.s There really a blast to fly we fly them in the back yard.

Dads Espads two regular ones and a Jr one he scaled down

*For info* The edges,Espads,Stop sign,OFO and N.A.S.S. are all flown with the Himax 2015-4100 Motor with 6.6:1 gear ratio and 3 cell lipo batterys.*
*The Green IFO is flown with a Ikarus new outrunner brushless motor and 2 cell lipos*

The Other IFOs are flown with either the sigle or twin engine GWS IPS with gear ratio of 5.9 motors with 2 cell lipos*

UPDATE its Dec 30th 2007

I am now flying a Few E flite planes and love them.

a Mini Edge 540 with a park 480 motor with a CC 25Amp esc, running 4 HS-55' servos with a AR6100 RX and flying a 4 cell A123 Pack.

Finally updated and added pictures on Dec 24th 2009/H4>

A Edge 540 Profile, with a Himax geared motor for now, about to change over to a Scorpion motor with a CC25Amp esc, running also 4 HS-55 servos and AR6100 rx and running this one with a 4 cell 1100 A123 pack, its the new Vxp packs from wal mart, using a Cellpro 4 charger I get 20 minute chargers with 8-10 minute flights.

I am just now building a Mini Showtime, going to use a Scorpion 3041-16 motor with a 40Amp esc, and a Dimension Sport BEC, with 2 HS-55's on ailerons and two HS-65HB's on the tail, also using a AR7000 RX. Going to be using a 3 Cell A123 2300 pack in this one.
This plane crashed due to wing failure. Guess 440 wats was a little to much I miss it

MY father now is flying mostly, 25ish-40ish size airplanes also, were flying all A123 cells now, No lipos for us. These cells are out of the Dewalt 36Volt packs, and can be gotten on Ebay for around $100 for 10 cells, were flying anywhere from 3 to 5 cell packs.

If you want more info about these go to RC groups and read up.

He has the following airplanes:

Extremeflightrc Yak 47" with a Scorpion motor 4 HS-65MG servos, AR7000 RX,running 4 cell A123 2300MAH packs.

3DHobbyshop Extra 300 47" with Scorpion motor 2 HS-65MG and 2 HS-81's with AR7000 rx and 4-5 cell A123 2300MAH

A old Glow plane called a Sig Fazer Converted to electric, has a Axi motor with CC65 esc. with old Futba servos, a Dimension Sport BEC in it, and a hitec radio. Flying with 5 cell A123 2300MAh packs.

Mini Ultra Stick with a Hacker motor,cool running esc, 4 Hs-55 servos, a AR6100 Rx, and a 3 cell A123 2300MAh battery pack.

Me and my father both got one of the great planes Electrostick we both love em, they fly like a 40 size glow big stick but even better. dads gto right at 1,000 watts on his I fly mine on about 600-800watts. unlimited vertical after about a 5 foot take off run.

Here is my 24 inch wing span flying delta, I made it out of my head I have flown it with few motors just got a donsrc wicked Jr to go on it hope to try it out anyday now when weather breacks.

Anyone would like more info about anything feel free to email me Email is on the first page

Updated on Dec 24 2000