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Introduction to R/C aircraft.
Okay this is a little info about Remote Control Airplanes,theres different types,sizes,shapes.There gasoline,glow & Electric ones.

The new rage is electric 3D airplanes,3D is a type of flying where the plane is always turning and doing rolls and whatever to make it look 3D. There are several good websites to help with R/C and theres several clubs around to help anyone. I am a member of PCMA (Paulding County Model Aviation) Paulding is located off of Ivy Gutlege road off Carterville Hwy.
There also many other clubs around this area. Cobb,Atlanta RC club,and few others At PCMA They fly mostly glow planes there but a few members like myself fly electrics, but there plenty of people willing to answer any questions you might have about the hobby and what you need to do to join or get started.

If you think you might want to Join a local club first you need to become a member of the AMA- ACADEMY OF MODEL AERONAUTICS. This is just like car insurance for your automobile. If you fly into someone or something or someone flys into you or you get cut on a prop,they pay for it(thats the best way I can explain it)

At all clubs you have to be a AMA member to join thats club rules the AMA is who has the power to open or close any club so its just a rule.
Things you will need in R/C:
*A Plane (depending on what kinda plane you might need other accessories.)
*A motor
*Either gas tank or battiers(if you chose either glow or electric)
*Radio Includes Transmitter,Servos,Receiver,Battery for Receiver.)
What each does
*Transmitter-The thing you hold that operates the plane.
*Servos-What controls the controls of the plane.
*Receiver-What makes the servos work
*battery- Plugs into the receiver to make it work.

Different radio use for the Types of Plane's In electric you will just use smaller servos and receiver in most cases to keep the weight down.Most of the electrics were flying now days only weigh about 10-20 ounces depending on the plane battery's and everything.

In glow or gas planes you will have a battery just for the receiver,and use glow fuel for the motor.

Then you have gasoline planes same as glow about the radio system besides they use regular gasoline like you use in your car but mixed with oil cause some of them use chainsaw or weed-eater motors(yes on a airplane a motor that big but were talking planes that weight about 30 pounds and looks big enough to ride in.

Rather your thinking about glow or electric this is a few good websites that sell airplanes and you can get a idea of how much money your gonna spend getting into the hobbie.

Local hobby shop located off Barrett parkway Hobbytown USA.

  • Hobby town USA

    Online Hobbie shop's

  • Hobby Lobby


    A great 3D plane site where I got my plane comes with everything you need except a tranmitter.


    great place to get all kinda accessories

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